Conferences & Workshops

Penny speaks on topics in literacy education K-12 throughout North America and across the world. She frequently works as a teacher in residence, co-teaching and planning alongside classroom teachers.

If you are interested in booking Penny Kittle for a speaking event in 2024, please contact





Jan. 4, Bryan, TX

Jan. 10, MCIU Philadelphia

Jan. 11, Kennett Middle School, North Conway, NH

Jan. 19-22 Book Love Foundation retreat

Jan. 24 Middle Georgia RESA


Feb. 1, Kennett Middle School, North Conway, NH

Feb. 6 Nashville, TN

Feb. 8, Northbrook, IL

Feb. 10, CCIRA, Denver, CO

Feb. 14, MCIU Philadelphia

Feb. 22, MCIU Philadelphia

Feb. 27, CSU Bakersfield, CA


Mar. 1, Kennett Middle School, North Conway, NH

Mar. 3 Write to Learn Conference, St. Louis, MO

Mar. 23 & 28, MCIU Philadelphia

Mar. 30, Kennett Middle School, North Conway, NH


April 12, Northbrook, IL

April 18, University of New Hampshire

April 20, Rutgers University, NJ

April 27 MCIU Philadelphia

April 28-29, Don Graves Write Now Conference, North Conway, NH


May 4-5 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

May 10, Kennett Middle School, North Conway, NH

May 15 Naperville, IL


June 7-8-9, Toledo, OH

June 13, Dublin, OH

June 14, Kennett Middle School, North Conway, NH

June 19, Amex, IA

June 20, Iowa Reading Conference

June 22, Phoenix, Arizona

June 28, 29 30 UNH Literacy Institutes


Juy 20, White Settlement, TX

July 23-24 Saginaw, MI

July 31 Vermont Literacy Project


Oct. 13, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English conference

Oct. 17 Colorado Language Arts Society conference

Oct. 24, Ghana-Jefferson Public Schools, Ohio

Oct. 27 Nova Scotia


Nov. 4, Oregon Council of Teachers of English, Portland, OR

Nov. 16-19, NCTE Chicago, IL